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'Baroque Encounters'


New English Ballet Theatre

Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells, London, Nov 2023

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach

Sets & Costume Design: April Dalton

Lighting Design: Andrew Ellis 

Piece for 7 dancers

"Daniela Cardim’s Baroque Encounters did exactly what it said on the tin, being the most distinctive and memorable piece on the programme. Cardim chose beautiful harpsichord music by Bach and her choreography for seven dancers was rich in imagery and musicality and elegantly layered with exquisite transitions. April Dalton’s long red skirts for both men and women enhanced the movement's slick flow" 

By Graham Watts, Bachtrack, Nov 2023

'Stabat Mater'


Pozan Opera Ballet

Aula Artis, Pozan, Poland, Nov 2022 

Music: Karol Szymanowski 

Set & Costume Design: Diana Marszałek 

Lighting Design: Wiktor Kusma

Piece for 25 dancers


"This neoclassical interpretation delighted with its symmetry, synchronicities, consistency, and the choreographer's understanding of music, which was her starting point for interpretation"


Kultura Poznan, Nov 2022



New English Ballet Ballet

Royal Opera House Linbury Theatre, London

June, 2022 

Music: Frederic Chopin

Costume Design: Lisa James

Lighting Designer: Andrew Ellis


"Set to Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne No.13 in C minor, it’s a beautiful, intense and very intimate pas de deux, and a highlight of the evening. Camino Llonch and Daniel Corthorn are the couple working their way through sorrow and loss. Surrounded by darkness, perhaps the darkness of their feelings, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who recalled Jerome Robbins’ In the Night. Llonch throws herself at Corthorn. She clings to him. But all the time there is a bond, a closeness and togetherness that you feel will see them through. I will be amazed if Nocturne doesn’t stay in the repertory for a long time"

By David Mead, Seeing Dance, Jun 2022



West Australian Ballet

Quarry Amphitheatre, Perth, Feb 2022 

Music: Gabriel Prokofiev

Sets & Costume Design: Bruce McKinven

Lighting Designer: Matthew Marshall

Piece for 10 dancers


"Cardim’s lucid and uncluttered choreography was thrilling; her improvisations not just echoes of work already played out, and able to completely absorb the audience"


Limelight, Feb 2022


Birmingham Royal Ballet

Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, Jun 2021 

Sadler’s Wells, London, Nov 2021

Music: Paul Englishby

Sets & Costume Design: April Dalton

Lighting Designer: Peter Teigen

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Assistant Choreographer: Peter Leung 

Piece for 16 dancers


"The sixteen-strong cast was led by a magnetising performance by Eilis Small in a role that seemed to have some resonance with the concept of “a chosen one (...) Cardim hails from Brazil where both climate emergency (the destruction of the Amazon forests) and extreme politics are clearly to the fore and this was a brave attempt to sum it all up in a short ballet” - Graham Watts - Bachtrack, Jun 2021

Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 13.29.02.png


Images Ballet Ballet

Artsdepot, London 2021

Music: Zoe Keating

Costume Design: Rosie Whiting

Lighting Design: Pete Ayres

Piece for 3 dancers


"Where Cardim has succeeded is that the story is clear – there is no need to read the programme beforehand and that is a feat in itself. It is a courageous step into narrative dance” 

- Deborah Weiss - Dancetabs, Sep 2019

’Two Husbands’

New English Ballet Theatre

Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells, London 2019

Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos

Sets & Costume Design: April Dalton

Lighting Design: Andrew Ellis 

Piece for 10 dancers


"Where Cardim has succeeded is that the story is clear – there is no need to read the programme beforehand and that is a feat in itself. It is a courageous step into narrative dance” 

- Deborah Weiss - Dancetabs, Sep 2019

'What Got You Here'

Dutch National Ballet Junior Company

 Meervaart, Amsterdam  2019

Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, London 2019


Music by Nico Muhly

Text excerpts from Bill Bryson’s audiobook: ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ (with kind permission from the author)

Costumes: Oliver Haller

Lighting Design: Wijnand van der Horst

 Piece for 6 dancers


“The first new work - and also the most interesting of the program - is What Got You Here by the Brazilian Daniela Cardim. On each of the beautiful miniatures by composer Nico Muhly, three men and three women answer the amazement that sounds in Bill Bryson's texts, as quoted from his equally witty and masterly A Short History or Nearly Everything. The dance is frieze and airy, but with enough interesting movement material. I would like to see it three times in a row.”

- Het Parool, 2019


’The Message’

Elmhurst Ballet School
Birmingham, 2019

Music: Ludovico Einaudi


"The Message, a smart piece of neo-classical choreography built on a clever idea, used pointes and partnering to good effect and was given a strong performance by the dancers of the school’s touring Company” 
SeeingDance, Jul 2019 - Maggie Foyer

The Whisper_photo by Tim Cross.jpg

'The Whisper'

English National Ballet School

New Wimbledon Theatre, London, 2017

Music: Nico Muhly


Piece for 20 dancers


“Daniela Cardim’s The Whisper was a class work of modern ballet with a quirky back story to give a handle” - by Maggie Foyer 


New English Ballet Theatre
Peacock Theatre, London 2016

Music: Camargo Guarnieri

Costumes: April Dalton

Projected Art: Ann Christopher RA

Lighting Design: Andrew Ellis

Piece for 8 dancers


"The most accomplished work on the programme was Daniela Cardim’s Vertex, with aesthetic designs by April Dalton. This looked like a full-blooded, pure dance work with clear lines, lovely duets and a sense of symmetry."

- Deborah Weiss - Dance Europe 2016


Ballet do Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro
Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro 2016

Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos
Costumes: Rene Salazar
Sets: Gringo cardia
Light design: Maneco Quinderé​

Piece for 14 dancers

"The neo-classic dance is guided by the musical score in a well-resolved harmony. Karen Mesquita and Alef Albert show excellent technique while sets, lights and projections frame the elegance of the piece.”

 - By Adriana Pavlova - O Globo newspaper


Dancer: Claire Calvert

'Similarities between diverse things'

Royal Ballet - Draft Works
In collaboration with choreographer Érico Montes

Royal Opera House - Linbury Theatre , London 2015

Music: Joby Talbot


Piece for 5 dancers

Ignition Dance Festival 2015 - Photograp

photo by Gigi Gianella

Dancers: Alexandra Cameron-Martin & Gyorgy Baan


New English Ballet Theatre

St. James Theatre - London 2015

Music: Various Iwra
Costumes: Allie Duthie & Daniela Cardim
Light design: David McDade


Piece for 2 dancers


"This was the kind of duet that makes dance accessible and exciting for all."​

 - London Theatre


New English Ballet Theatre
Peacock Theatre, London 2014

St. James Theatre, London 2015

Tour: Richmond, Cheltenham, High Wycombe 2015

Music: Modest Mussorgsky

Costumes: Daniela cardim

Original lighting: Malcolm Glanville

Piece for 6 dancers


"Tangents, by company manager and choreographer of growing repute Daniela Cardim Fonteyne to Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition was an abstract, lyrical journey centred around the changes in relationships, the differences in how people interact with each other. It was sensitively shaped, with a number of eye-catching sequences."

- Dance Europe 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.32.48.png


Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

LIPA - Liverpool 2015

Music: medley
Costumes: LIPA students
Light design: LIPA students


Piece for 6 dancers



Dutch National Opera, Amsterdam 2012

Dancers from Dutch National Ballet School


Piece for 3 dancers


​English National Ballet's Workshop 2011​

Music by Michael Nyman
performed by Balanescu Quartet


Piece for 4 dancers

"Daniela Cardim's 'Inertia' to Michael Nyman music was a confident, sophisticated work in neo-classical style"
- Dance Europe 2011

'Bits and Bobs'

Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2010

Music: Balanescu Quartet/Caetano Veloso/Bob McFerrin/Vivaldi

Piece for 7 dancers

'Two Octaves Below Middle C'

Dutch National Ballet

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam 2009

Music: Philip Glass / Nando Russo
Costumes: Yumiko Takeshima
Sets: Ellen Windhorst
Light design: Wijnand van der Horst


Piece for 10 dancers

"She handed her ten dancers in skilful and interesting designs, making innovative use of balletic form"

 - Dance Europe 2009


São Paulo Companhia de Dança
Teatro Alfa, SP 2009

Music: Marcelo Petraglia, Hermelino Neder, Mário Manga and André Mehmari

Costumes: Ronaldo Fraga
Lighting: Domingos Quintiliano


Piece for 10 dancers


Dancer: Natalia Hofman

'In Space'

Dutch National Ballet

Het Muziektheatre, Amsterdam 2008

Music: medley
Costumes: Oliver Haller


Piece for 1 dancer

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 12.56.04.png

'New York Choreographic Institute'

Lincoln Center, New York 2008

In collaboration with composer  Jude Vaclavik

(Juliard School graduate)


Dancers: School of American Ballet


Piece for 8 dancers

Workshop08 0487.jpeg

Dancers: Ji-young Kim & Peter Leung


Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2008

Music: Arvo Part


Piece for 2 dancers


"Daniela Cardim built her growing  choreographic reputation with 'Summa' , a neo-classical duet danced by Ji-Young Kim and Peter Leung. The movements were clearly etched, following the simple violin line, and beautifully interpreted"

 - Dance Europe 2008



Dutch National Ballet

'Souk' - Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam 2007

Music: Claude Chalhoub
Costumes: Daniela Cardim with Dutch National Ballet's costume department


Piece for 2 dancers


Dancers: Veronique Tamaccio & Juanjo Arques

'Piano Suite'

Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2007

Music: Philip Glass


Piece for 2 dancers


Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2007

Music: Marco Antonio Guimarães


Piece for 6 dancers

Ema & Peter.jpg

Dancers: Emanouela Merdjanova & Peter Leung

'3 Movements for Cello and Piano'

Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2006

Music: Brahms


Piece for 6 dances

9 for 8 duos gr.jpg

'9 for 8'

Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2005

Music: Uakti


Piece for 8 dances

encuentro 2.jpg


Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2004

Music: aboriginal sounds


Piece for 8 dances

© 2023 Daniela Cardim

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