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Birmingham Royal Ballet

Photo: Johan Persson

“Daniela Cardim's premiere 'Imminent' is also very much of the moment as the piece was inspired by tipping points within world politics and the environment. Again, there is an uneasiness in Paul Englishby's score as the dancers teeter on the edge of some kind of disaster. The peaked white background could be an iceberg, a glacier or even snow-covered mountains and it also reminds us of the idea that we are seeing just the tip of the problems and below so much more is happening that we can't envision. And yet the work isn't dark but is full of optimism (...) Imminent is the latest work in BRB's ongoing Ballet Now project which commissions new work to develop up and coming choreographers, composers, set designers and other professionals and from this production, there is little doubt Cardim, a former dancer, has a wonderful sense of the potential of the human body for movement.” - Weekend Note, June 2021

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