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'BAROQUE ENCOUNTERS' - New English Ballet Theatre

Photography by Ash 

"Daniela Cardim’s Baroque Encounters did exactly what it said on the tin, being the most distinctive and memorable piece on the programme. Cardim (now the NEBT assistant director) chose beautiful harpsichord music by Bach and her choreography for seven dancers was rich in imagery and musicality and elegantly layered with exquisite transitions" - Bachtrack 

Stabat Mater - D. Cardim (6th mov.).JPG

'STABAT MATER' - Poznan Opera Ballet

"This neoclassical interpretation delighted with its symmetry, synchronicities, consistency, and the choreographer's understanding of music, which was her starting point for interpretation" by Katarzyna Nowicka-Rynkiewicz - Kultura Poznan

'NOCTURNE' - New English Ballet Theatre

"Daniela Cardim’s Nocturne was a deeply expressive pas de deux to Chopin’s Nocturne No.13 in C Minor. Camino Llonch and Daniel Corthorn absolutely captured the underlying current of experiencing grief and the choreography echoed the music in all its light and shade in a series of beautifully crafted passages"

By Deborah Weiss - Dance for You   Photo by Deborah Jaffe

Julio Blanes and Chihiro Nomura in Daniela Cardim’s Reset. Photo by Bradbury Photography.j

'RESET' - West Australian Ballet

Photos by Bradbury Photography


"Platinum opened spectacularly with the world premiere of Cardim’s Reset, inspired by composer Gabriel Prokofiev’s composition – a fusion of classical and electronic music – and Matej Preunicic’s exciting soundscape. Reset is a mainly abstract look at human interaction in this modern frenetic life, which was established from the start by five women and five men who strode onto the stage and criss-crossed it, as if oblivious of each other (...) Cardim’s lucid and uncluttered choreography was thrilling; her improvisations not just echoes of work already played out, and able to completely absorb the audience"

by Rita Clarke for Limelight

The dancers of West Australian Ballet in Daniela Cardim’s Reset. Photo by Bradbury Photogr
Chihiro Nomura and Julio Blanes in Daniela Cardim’s Reset. Photo by Bradbury Photography (
Chihiro Nomura and Julio Blanes in Daniela Cardim’s Reset. Photo by Bradbury Photography.j
The dancers of West Australian Ballet in Daniela Cardim’s Reset_edited.jpg

'IMMINENT' - Birmingham Royal Ballet

Photo: Johan Persson

BRBimminent2021JP _00760-Edit.jpg

"Taking a more classical approach, Daniela Cardim’s Imminent has a strong focus on the environment and specifically global warming and the uncertainty of what the future holds. There is a real delicacy about the choreography that makes it easy to engage with and react to – through every movement the dancers all give a real sense of urgency and fear about the situation, while Peter Teigan’s lighting design enhances that feeling of drama and tension perfectly towards the end.“ - Emma Clarendon, Love London Love Culture, Nov 2021

The Whisper_photo by Tim Cross.jpg

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