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New English Ballet Theatre

Peacock Theatre, London 2016

Music: Camargo Guarnieri

Costumes: April Dalton

Projected Art: Ann Christopher RA

Lighting Design: Andrew Ellis


Piece for 8



"The most accomplished work on the programme was Daniela Cardim’s Vertex, with aesthetic designs by April Dalton. This looked like a full-blooded, pure dance work with clear lines, lovely duets and a sense of symmetry.”"


Dance Europe 2016


Ballet do Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro

Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro 2016

Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos
Costumes: Rene Salazar
Sets: Gringo cardia
Light design: Maneco Quinderé

“Choreographer Daniela Cardim changes the narrative slightly but keeps its essence, telling the story through a myriad of arm movements (alluding to the bird’s flight) and well articulated jumps. Using music from O Pássaro da Floresta and the symphonic poem Uirapuru itself, the choreography is charged with technical elements. "

Fabiano Gonçalves,

'Two Octaves Below Middle C'

Dutch National Ballet

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam 2009

Music: Philip Glass / Nando Russo
Costumes: Yumiko Takeshima
Sets: Ellen Windhorst
Light design: Wijnand van der Horst

Dancers: Veronique Tamaccio, Ryan Ocampo, Emily Ellis, Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair, Emanouela Merdjanova, Jan Zerer, Rebecca Taboada Rivas, Christopher Weisler, Joanna Mednick, Oleksey Smolyakov

"She handed her ten dancers in skilful and interesting designs, making innovative use of balletic form"

Dance Europe



New English Ballet Theatre

Peacock Theatre, London 2014

Music: Modest Mussorgsky

Costumes: Daniela cardim

Lighting: Malcolm Glanville


Dancers: Jessica Clyde, Lorenzo Bernardi, Christina Cecchini, Joshua Barwick, Justine Wisznia, Gyorgy Baan


"Tangents, by company manager and choreographer of growing repute Daniela Cardim Fonteyne to Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition was an abstract, lyrical journey centred around the changes in relationships, the differences in how people interact with each other. It was sensitively shaped, with a number of eye-catching sequences."


Dance Europe 2015



São Paulo Companhia de Dança

Teatro Alfa, SP 2009

Music: Marcelo Petraglia, Hermelino Neder, Mário Manga and André Mehmari

Costumes: Ronaldo Fraga
Lighting: Domingos Quintiliano


English National Ballet's Workshop 2011

Music by Michael Nyman
performed by Balanescu Quartet

Video by Daniel Paul Jones
Dancers: Begoña Cao, Junor Souza, Désirée Ballantyne, Daniel Kraus

"Daniela Cardim's 'Inertia' to Michael Nyman music was a confident, sophisticated work in neo-classical style"

Dance Europe 2011

'Bits and Bobs'

Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2010

Music: Balanescu Quartet/Caetano Veloso/Bob McFerrin/Vivaldi

Dancers: Bruno da Rocha Pereira, Koen Havenith, Annabelle Hellinckx, James C Stout, Laura Bury, Angela Agresti, Wendeline Wijkstra

This piece  was conceived in celebration of Daniela's 11 years at HNB,  and was created to be a fun, light and easy going work. Both the artists and the audience had a lot of fun!


Dutch National Ballet

New Moves 2007

Music by Marco Antonio Guimarães

Dancers: Veronique Tamaccio, Emanouela Merdjanova, Laura Bury, Jonatas Albuquerque, Juanjo Arques, Jan Zerer.

"An interesting choice of music in a finely constructed piece in the neo-classical style, it made wonderful use of movement in double work, solos and ensemble. Following a powerful men's section, it just got better and better"

Dance Europe 2007

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